I am a former journalist who obtained a doctorate in Canadian history from York University in 2017. My first history book, Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark: The West Versus The Rest Since Confederation, was published in November 2012. It won the J. W. Dafoe Book prize in 2013 and it was a finalist for the Donner Book Prize. I completed an M.A. in history at York in 2008-2009. Prior to that, I was a journalist for more than three decades, including a decade on Parliament Hill. That job was a ticket to lifelong learning. My subsequent academic studies allowed me to pursue a decades-long fascination with resource control as well as equalization and transfer payments, which are emphatically not boring! I intend to keep writing history books for the rest of my days.

Highlights of accomplishments

  • Doctorate in history from York University in October 2017.
  • “Treason to Their Memory” in In Flanders Fields: 100 Years, 2015.
  • J.W. Dafoe book prize, 2013.
  • Donner Foundation book prize finalist for 2012.
  • November 2012: publication of Let the Eastern Bastards Freeze in the Dark: The West Versus The Rest Since Confederation, which traced the West’s struggle to obtain resource control from Ottawa during the 60 years after Confederation.
  • M.A. in history at York University. 2009.
  • Hy Solomon Award for public policy journalism in 2004 from Public Policy Forum.
  • Co-edited a book for the C.D. Howe Institute on the Constitution with University of Toronto political scientist Richard Simeon.
  • National Newspaper Award for analyzing the Constitution Act, 1982, clause by clause.
  • Silver Magazine Award in 1992 for work in analyzing the Charlottetown Accord.
  • Part of groups that won silver and gold magazine awards for analyses of deficits and constitutional problems.


I exercise ferociously, garden happily, read as much as possible, travel widely, and try, very hard, to enjoy every day as a bonus.


For collaborations and general inquiries, feel free to call or email me:
t. 416 766 0431
m. 416 806 3972
e. [email protected]